Does pollution effect your skin?

No doubt pollution does affect your skin. UV rays, smog, dust and exposure to chemicals on a everyday basis can take a tall on your skin. 

All these factors can breakdown the skins defence mechanism causing significant dehydration, and a tired appearance.  Not to mention dry, uneven skin and appearance of acne, eczema & spots. 

It’s Important to guard our skin against the harmful breakdown of skin cells. When your skin breaks down skin cells, the ´soldiers´ of defence cells are attacked by the evil ´soldiers´ called the free radicals. This will cause the good soldiers to slow down their protection and defence. Pollution being a big factor in this. 

Some good tips to prevent the damages of pollution on your skin could be to wash your face twice a day, or exfoliate once or twice a week. 

PIO have created a serum & a mist with Icelandic Glacier Water, that will help your skin against pollution.

Arctic Anti-Pollution Serum will help and heal the skins damages caused by pollution. We have chosen to use Icelandic Glacier Water on purpose, because it is rich in minerals, and has a high pH value.

This product is specially made for anti-pollution, and is fortified by CO2-extracted Cranberry & Blackcurrant extracts from Antarctica.

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