About PIO

PIO is organic skin therapy fortified with premium ingredients from nature only. All formulas are developed as the ultimate supplement for all types of skin to meet different needs. The clinic specializes in the use of vitamins and premium natural ingredients from PIO’s certified partners. Pure skin nourishment in its most natural form by expert Skin Therapist Sarah Elahi.



The PIO skincare clinic and products were founded in the heart of Copenhagen in 2017 by medical certified Skin Therapist Sarah Elahi. Sarah’s interest in cosmetics started at a very young age. Her fascination with her mother’s beauty cabinet started when she was 2 years old. Unlike other children, Sarah did not want to play with toys. The only thing that interested her was her Pakistan mother’s make-up, creams, and delicate perfumes. By the age of 10, Sarah read the book Health Secrets of Plants & Herbs by Maurice Messeguis, the mayor of Provence. Her fascination of natural cosmetics led to the making of her first self-made cream already by the age of 16. 

In 1992 Sarah finished her degree as a medical certified Skin Therapist at Hudterapeut Skolen Af 1936, Copenhagen Denmark. 

At the same time, Sarah met Anders. Anders was a skilled cosmetic producer for a company in Denmark, and he taught her the ABCs of natural skincare production. Sarah had made a cream that she wanted to produce, but their friendship inspired her to make an entire line of beauty products that were sold through her flagship store under the name “Green Soap & Beauty” in Copenhagen. It became a huge success. The shop was even featured in New York Times’ travel guide “Time Out” two years in a row. But this was not enough for Sarah. 

In 2008 Sarah advanced in oxygen lift treatments under Michelle Peck, the skin therapist of singer Madonna. Furthermore, she took a course in laser hair removal and wrinkle treatments at Alma Laser. And finally, she was educated in Dr. Obagi’s blue peel by Dr. Jarl Burnaes at Sandvicka Private Hospital in Norway in 2009.



With three decades of experience, Sarah specialized in organic skincare which finally led to the foundation of PIO in 2017. All PIO products are currently developed and handmade at PIO’s production facilities in Copenhagen under the supervision of Sarah. Even though the PIO clinic is discreetly hidden in the heart of Copenhagen, the clinic attracts a wide range of customers from Denmark and abroad. The clinic is known for its honest and transparent approach to effective skincare and the skincare brand’s deep respect for the environment. Due to Sarah’s big interest in the environment, the clinic only makes use of natural organic certified ingredients with no perfume, parabens or Sodium Laureth Sulfate. All-natural. All vegan. All bottles are biodegradable reusable and packed with natural puffs made of corn that can be used as a natural fertilizer. 

The clinic’s signature treatment is the Oxygen Lift; a treatment that penetrates the skin with hyaluronic acid, vitamin A+B+C, and botanical enzymes that minimize visible fine lines by the use of a special airbrush technique. A true PIO hero that delivers visible results after the first treatment. The clinic offers a full range of specialized PIO skincare products to accommodate any skin challenges under the personal guidance of Sarah Elahi. 


Sarah Elahi, Founder & Skin Therapist of PIO Skincare

1992       Medical certificed Skin Therapist at Hudterapeut Skolen Af 1936
1993       Methology of Green Peel by Dr. Christine Schrammecks
2008       Oxygen Lift Treatments by Michelle Peck
2008       Laser Removal: Hair and Wrinkle reduction at Alma Laser.
2009       Dr. Obagi Blue Peel at Dr. Jarl Burnæs, Sandvicka Private Hospital.